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What's my STORY?

Commercial art runs in my blood. Before retiring, my grandfather worked as a designer at Libbey Glass in my hometown of Toledo, Ohio. He would come up with elaborate designs to be added to different glasses. After retiring, he found a new home working with found wood. I fondly remember sitting with him in his workshop and drawing while he did his carvings. I would also have him grade my colorings as well (most of the time I got an A).

I continued with Art into High school where I received the Fine Arts award for my graduating class, but my eyes also began to open to the Commercial world of art. I was drawn to the advertisements in my magazines (and not for the products), but because of the colors, composition and copy. I loved to look at the simplicity of some and the layers upon layers of others. That is when I began wanting to become a Graphic Designer.

When I began college at University of South Florida (USF), I found myself waning in my desire to become a Graphic Designer, so I began taking my core courses and found myself excelling in Writing more than I expected. This helped me to explore other options and I found the Communication department. In the end, I spent about a year doing Fine Art classes (drawing, sculpture, art history), but getting my degree in Communication with a concentration in Public & Cultural Communication. This gave me the option to spend more time with writing, learning how people communicate and how it is perceived and so much more.

Prior to graduating, I found an internship that got my foot in the door. I was the Marketing Assistant at a local vitamin retailer. This position set me up for many opportunities in the Marketing and Graphic Design field because it allowed me to learn important software as well as give me the ability to work in print, radio, TV, web and also assist with event planning.

All of these opportunities and decisions have lead me to a successful career. I continue to grow my skill set and I also continue to find new doors open every day.

Beyond my work career, I also have a dedication to exercise and living a healthy lifestyle. I was a member of the USF Women’s Varsity Sailing team from 2002-2006 and now I compete in triathlons! I have lived in Little Rock for the past 3+ years with my boyfriend and Springer Spaniel, Duncan. We have enjoyed getting to discover Little Rock and all that Arkansas has to offer through swimming, biking, running, sailing, hiking, wake-boarding and kayaking.


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