Race for the Cure 2010

On Saturday, October 16th, 2010 I, along with 45,000+ other people, participated in the Komen Race for the Cure in Little Rock, AR.  I arrived around 7:15am so that I could find a parking spot and get close to the front of the group before the start.  While waiting around for the start the atmosphere was very festive.  Women had pink wigs, tutus, signs and almost anything else you could think of.  There was also a live band entertaining us while we hung out.

When the race began at 8am there were so many people that there was no way to run without putting yourself or someone around you at risk, but mid-way across the Broadway bridge I was finally able to start running consistently.  There were a ton of spectators some of the most interesting ones were a group of cyclists who had lined up about 5-6 trucks with the truck bed facing the street.  Each truck had two bikes in the bed with people riding the bikes.  It was pretty cool.  Some of my other favorite spectators were firefighters in North Little Rock and Little Rock.  In North Little Rock they had a full on pink fire truck and in Little Rock the firefighters had pink fire suits.

After the race I enjoyed some of the festivities such as Yoplait yogurt, swag and I also participated in a research study called Spit on Cancer where they were collecting spit to study the breast cancer.

I finished the race in 29:12, which is fine, but the main reason I did the race wasn’t to get a great time.  It was a fun race and I’m happy to say that I reached my fundraising goal plus some for a total of $125!  Of this money 75% of it will stay in Arkansas and 25% will go to Komen National.  Thank you everyone for donating and for supporting me in this race.

If you would like to browse some more images of the event click here and/or here.

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