Firecracker Fast 5K

Starting line of the Firecracker Fast 5KThis was the first year that Phil and I have spent July 4th in Little Rock and it was kind of a bummer not to go down to the Gulf Coast of Mississippi, like we normally do, but it was also kind of cool because we finally got to participate in the Firecracker Fast 5K.  This race got it’s name for a reason…it’s fast! It is all down hill and starts only a few blocks away from Phil and I’s house.  I hadn’t been doing very much, OK, no speed work because I’ve been so focused on my heart rate training, but it was the 4th of July and I just couldn’t pass up this event.

It was great to wake up a little later that morning and get totally ready at our house, use the bathroom and drink some water before we headed down to the starting line.  There were a ton of people (over 1,200) toeing the line, so Phil and I stood over to the edge of the crowd and jumped into the pack as people started.  It was kind of warm that morning as well (around 85°) and somewhat humid.  The course starts in the Heights and heads almost all downhill through Hillcrest and then around War Memorial Stadium to the finish.

Coming to the FinishAlthough I hadn’t been focused on speed lately, I still squeaked out a PR (Personal Record) for a 5K at just under 26 minutes at 25:50.  I know I could run it faster, but I think that my heart rate training has helped.  Afterwards, Phil and I ate some watermelon and got some water at the finish line and then headed back up to the Heights to Go! Running where they were dishing out waffles with fresh berries, whipped cream and syrup. Yum!  It was a great race and I look forward to doing more in the future!

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