Pre-Race Jitters

It’s the week before my first 70.3.  I’ve been training for this since June and thinking about it for about a year.  It’s crazy that in only a few days I’ll be in Oklahoma City racing in the longest triathlon I have participated in to date.  There have been a flurry of emails coming from the race organizers about important race information, medical forms that need to be filled out, water temperatures, etc. In addition, there has also been pre-race chatter from my triathlon club and different participates on the Redman Triathlon group page on Facebook (by the way, I think I’ve read just about EVERY post on this page).  I’ve also been checking the weather like a maniac.  Thanks to my friend, Rebecca Irons, (who is also racing the 70.3 at Redman) I am channeling some of this neurotic/anxious energy into some productive work.  Back when I wrote my post Advice for 70.3 Newbie, Rebecca suggested that I make a plan for the few days leading up to race day.

I may have gone a little off the deep end because I also made a check list of all the things I need to pack, a transition check list and an itinerary for Thursday, Friday and Saturday.  I also included the course maps and the athlete guide.  I could probably publish a book at this point, but I know it will really help with me when I get on-site so I don’t get overwhelmed by all the commotion.

Only two days and a few hours until race day and I’m very excited.  I wish that all of my friends and family could be there to cheer me on, but there should be tracking for the event that will be posted on the front page of the Redman website.  You’ll need my bib number which will be 664.  Track me, cheer me on, I’ll hear it.

On that note, check out this video that gave me some butterflies.

Redman 2011 from Biff Stephens on Vimeo.

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