How Do You Train When the Weather Gets in the Way?

How to Train When Weather Gets in the Way?The idea for the post came during the snow-pocalypse that occurred on Christmas day.  Phil and I went on a few walks, but we weren’t getting the miles in that we needed to train for the Little Rock Half Marathon.  We could go to the gym to run on the dreadmill, but the roads were unsafe, plus it was closed anyway.  I could get out my bike trainer and “ride” for a little bit, but whenever I get on that thing I feel like I’m slowly going insane.  This got me thinking: What do other people do when the weather gets in the way?  So, I made several posts on Facebook to see what advice my friends and fans had to offer.  I found that there were three different responses to this question.

Cross Trainers

“Well, here’s my advice, take advantage of the weather to try something new and fun – like snowshoeing or cross country skiing. You may have to deviate from your training plan, but as long as you’re getting your heart rate up and having fun, it’s worth it.” -Rachel Conn

“Just try to stay active and try to make it fun. Don’t put too much pressure on yourself to do x miles/hours. Before you know it, you’ll be getting in the time you need, and you won’t be burned out.” -Matt Runge

“I believe in “Time on Feet” whether it be running or walking to get miles in. I walked part of my commute to get my car this morning. I put on my Garmin and counted the distance for training. During the Christmas Snowpocalypse, I walked everywhere and managed to get as many miles as I would in a running week. It still doesn’t beat the accomplishment of a run but it is something.” -Bill Dobbins

“[My fiance] and I love to trek through the snow, stopping in at Starbucks for 100 calorie skinny latte warm-ups. Sure beats Gu! I’ve also been riding the trainer and making it less painful by watching guilty pleasure TV. Lifting weights with [a friend] too.” -Hillary Hunt

Stay Insiders

“I don’t do Tris, but I try to always have a plan B or even C. So if I can’t run outside and don’t want to do the ‘mill, then I might do a plyo (HIIT or Tabata) style workout or weights. I know that training for a Tri is definitely more involved and trickier in terms of moving workouts around though…” -Heather Iacobacci-Miller

“I have a treadmill at home, but hate running on it (like most of us I think) what I will do though is put it on a high incline and walk while I watch TV.” -Michelle Rohlman

“I have an indoor trainer for my bike and can manage at most usually 45-60 min. And that’s watching a movie. However, I have just bought a DVD set that has a 5 hr training session on it. It is for ironman, century rides but I thought I would give it a go. I’ve got 30 min in (just started today), will join it again tomorrow for hopefully 80-90 min. My other new best friend is a jump rope. Amazingly difficult, tiring but rewarding. I break it up into something like, (1 min jump rope, 10 push ups, 20 crunches, 30 weights/squats…) x 5-10 depending on time.” -Joanna Tunnicliffe

“Back when I used to ride competitively (long time ago) I used to use a set of rollers to train inside during bad weather. They are much more entertaining than just a regular trainer because your have to concentrate to avoid riding off the side of them or falling over. They do help improve your on bike balance though, I just suggest start in a door frame or something similar until you get the hang of them.” -Eric Dekle

Erg -Yates Phillips


Here is how I get my runs in when it’s snowy or icy:”  -Bryan Jones

“Mother Nature never gets in the way, only shows a new facet of an obstacle. Never divert, overcome the adversity of the terrain, rain, wind, and heat/cold, and adapt to a new form of training. This winter, I have been skiing and training at 9000ft with temps under 20° consistently, quite the opposite of Florida. Totally changed lifestyle, by adapting to the geographic diversity. [Sic] I feel that Mother Nature can strengthen your training by altering your terrain and honing your skills both mentally and physically.” -Bryce Etter

“For colder weather running I just layer up and go!” -Carol Fletez

“Get a movie, sit on the couch and wait for the weather to pass!!! It doesn’t produce the best results, but is still nice every once in a while. On a more serious note, I stick to my plan and push through the elements. For safety reasons I will adjust accordingly, like not swim in a lightning storm or ride in a snow storm. I like to look at the weather ahead of time (2-3 days out) to mentally prepare my self. If I know what’s coming, I can get excited for it.” -David Tunnicliffe

“No bad weather, only bad gear ;-).” -Chad Jaggard

On that note, I’d like to leave you with one last comment.

“One word…airport.” -Laurent Tanner

What do you do when Mother Nature gets in your way? Do you let her bring you down? Or do you spit in her face and continue with your training as you had planned?  Please share in the comments below.

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