Gearing Up

Tuesday night was the second AIM meeting of the year and the big question everyone was asking each other was, “What races are you doing this year?” With the insanely unpredictable weather we’ve been having, many of the triathletes have been chomping at the bit to get outside, start training and start racing.  Me on the other hand, I’ve been having a hard time getting excited for the season.

Don’t get me wrong, I’ve been planning my season and my training schedule, but I just haven’t felt the drive or excitement for training or races. Why? Well, I think it is a little bit of burn out.  Since about Thanksgiving, I’ve been training for the Little Rock Half Marathon.  I was very focused on achieving my goal of a sub-2 hour race (which I achieved) but it also required quite a bit of focus and dedication.

Prior to training for the Little Rock Half, I took about a two month “break”.  I say this because in those two months I did Raid the Rock, a sprint triathlon and the Big Dam Bridge 100.  I also continued with training, although it wasn’t very structured.  I needed this so-called break because I had just come off my first 70.3 which required an immense amount of focus, time and effort.  I started training for 70.3 back in June.  So, as you can see, I had been very dedicated and focused for about 10 months, nearly a year!  This has left me with little motivation.9cc55af6a2702b939268afb5e547acc6

Until this week.  This week, the switch flipped.  I’m getting excited about my upcoming season and I’m excited to get outside and train.  I’m ready to push myself to get better and I’m ready for new challenges.  What changed?  Well, nothing really, just my perspective.  I kept up with my training schedule and waited patiently for that excitement and motivation to come bubbling back up in me.  I’m also sure that the AIM meeting gave me a much needed jump start too.  It was great to see and hear everyone’s excitement for their upcoming season.  Now, the anticipation and excitement are there and I’m ready.  Bring it!

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