Two Rivers Time Trial 2013 — Part II

892019_546677468686556_382504103_oIt had been a few weeks since my last adventure into time trials and I had really intended to attend more frequently but due to weather and other commitments, I wasn’t able to.  Finally, the weather looked like it was going to cooperate and I didn’t have any other obligations to attend to, so before I left for work, I packed up my cycling gear and bike and headed over to the time trials right after work.

I arrived on site pretty early, around 5pm or so, but I was happy to have the time to get my bike in order and ride around for a warm up.  As I was warming up, it began lightly raining…even though there was a 0% chance of rain.  I made it back to the parking lot to sign up and ended up being the second person to sign up which meant that I would be the second person to start.  The first being my friend and AIM teammate, Rachel.

Rachel and I were pretty close in time at the first time trial I did, so I knew she would be a good rabbit.  When we lined up to start, it was still drizzling, but I was much less nervous than the first time.  Rachel took off and now I was up.  With the volunteer guy holding my bike, I got clipped in and ready to go and then he pushed me off.

With my first race time of 28:26 and an average pace of 19.4 mph, I decided that I should try to hold above a 20 mph pace.  This way, I would get a course PR and earn five bonus points along with whatever points I earned from whatever place I got.  I was feeling pretty good and the cooler temperatures along with the rain helped.  The rain really didn’t affect me too much and since it was so light, it didn’t really make the roads very slick, but the rain was dripping off the front of my aero helmet where it came to a slight point.

In the long flat sections of the course, I could still see Rachel and I hoped that I could catch up to her, but just before turning on to Pinnacle Valley Road, I realized that I may not be able to catch up to her and figured that we’d probably only be separated by seconds.  I held true to my goal of holding 20+ mph pace in the flat and as I turned left to continue on Pinnacle Valley Road, past Maumelle Park, the hills began.  My legs were already burning from holding a faster pace on the flats and I had done some training to attack hills, so I went at them with all I had…which didn’t feel like much.  When I tried to stand up on the climb, my legs just felt like noodles.  I finally got to the top and I felt like my legs were just going to fall off, but I geared down and peddled down the hill.  I was more familiar with the course now, so I was able to power through the last bit of the race to finish with a time of 27:17 or an average pace of 20.23 mph, a PR!

Unfortunately, I didn’t go fast enough to get Rachel by time and she beat me by one second!  I was still very happy to get a PR and I finished 4th out of five women.  With the addition of 7 more points, I currently stand in 7th place out of 11 women.  I look forward to racing again in the coming weeks to hopefully improve on my course time again.

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