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At the start to my first triathlon

Before the start of my first Triathlon on June 27, 2009.

My name is Abby Ethington and I started this blog in 2009 when I began training for my first sprint triathlon.  I wanted to share my experiences with my friends and family that I have all across the country and I thought that I could maybe help other people who are just getting into triathlons.  Now I’m continuing to push myself to get better times and boost my distance.

Even before I got into triathlons I participated in a lot of different sports.  I have been sailing competitively almost my entire life, I played soccer from 1st – 12th grade, I participated in track & field and cross-country in high school and in addition to those sports, I now mountain bike, hike and whitewater kayak.

I was first exposed to triathlons though my uncle who is a race organizer in the Tampa Bay area.  I would occasionally volunteer at different events  and I was always impressed by everyone participating.  Then I had the thought, “I’d like to do this some day.”

I’m currently living, working and training in Little Rock, AR. but I have previously competed in the greater Atlanta area and Tampa Bay.

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