Five Race Reports, One Article

After a long hiatus, I have come back with reports on events from 2014 so far. Included in the reports is the Little Rock Half Marathon, the Capital City Classic 10K, AIM High in Bryant Sprint Triathlon, Memphis in May Olympic Triathlon and the Firecracker 5K. . . . → Read More: Five Race Reports, One Article

King of the Hills

Part of my triathlon training schedule is Tuesday bike hill repeats with my triathlon club.  In general, these repeats are always held at the same location, Ft. Roots, but this past week they were moved to River Mountain Road due to some glass on the road.  Then, the inevitable discussion came up, which hill is . . . → Read More: King of the Hills

Gearing Up

Tuesday night was the second AIM meeting of the year and the big question everyone was asking each other was, “What races are you doing this year?” With the insanely unpredictable weather we’ve been having, many of the triathletes have been chomping at the bit to get outside, start training and start racing.  Me on . . . → Read More: Gearing Up

Race Week!

This is just a short little update, but this weekend is the Little Rock Half Marathon.  I’ve been training for this race since a little bit after Thanksgiving, so it has been awhile, but strangely, it doesn’t seem like it should be here already.  I have a very specific goal for this race: run a . . . → Read More: Race Week!

How Do You Train When the Weather Gets in the Way?

The idea for the post came during the snow-pocalypse that occurred on Christmas day.  Phil and I went on a few walks, but we weren’t getting the miles in that we needed to train for the Little Rock Half Marathon.  We could go to the gym to run on the dreadmill, but the . . . → Read More: How Do You Train When the Weather Gets in the Way?

Dealing with Shin Splints

My sister, Allison, recently began running.  Fitness for her has been a rockier road than mine because at a very young age she was diagnosed with rheumatoid arthritis.  She used to do ballet, swimming and soccer, but it all became too painful and had to stop.  Her journey to wellness was a long and painful . . . → Read More: Dealing with Shin Splints

In Review of 2012

2013 is now upon us. I have been a little delayed in writing this post, but thanks to the massive snowstorm that came through Little Rock on Christmas night, I now have the time needed to thoroughly review my 2012 triathlon season and decide where I’m going in 2013.

I could just give . . . → Read More: In Review of 2012

Pre-Race Jitters

It’s the week before my first 70.3.  I’ve been training for this since June and thinking about it for about a year.  It’s crazy that in only a few days I’ll be in Oklahoma City racing in the longest triathlon I have participated in to date.  There have been a flurry of emails coming from . . . → Read More: Pre-Race Jitters

Training Update

It’s been awhile since I have given a good ol’ training update and I think it is definitely time for one.  Can you believe that it is less than a month until my first Half-Ironman!?  I can’t!  It makes me excited and nervous to think about it, but I know that I’m ready to do . . . → Read More: Training Update

The Olympic Spirit

Kirsty Wigglesworth/AP Photo

I’m a huge fan of the Olympics.  It is one of the few times that some of the sports that I love, such as sailing, triathlon, running, swimming and cycling, get a spotlight on the world stage.  It is also awesome to see countries from all over the world come together . . . → Read More: The Olympic Spirit

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