Building A Strong Foundation

I’ve been doing triathlons for four years now, but this year I will be participating for the first time ever in a Half-Ironman.  When I began this particular journey I was a little lost on how to train for it because it is so much more mileage than I’ve ever done.  Luckily, I got some . . . → Read More: Building A Strong Foundation

Abby’s Trek Speed Concept 2.5 WSD

With the recent purchase of my new tri bike, I was inspired by slowtwitch’s articles about pro triathletes and their tricked out bikes.  OK, I know my ride isn’t nearly as sweet as Chrissie Wellington’s or Hunter Kemper’s but for me, it’s pretty fancy.  So, here is a breakdown of some of the features of . . . → Read More: Abby’s Trek Speed Concept 2.5 WSD

Why You Should Make Room for the Weight Room

Trying to fit all the things you want to do for training into a 7 day week is almost impossible (at least while still working a full time job).  I’m really finding this out now that I’m training for my half ironman.  I’m currently swimming, biking and running three times a week for each but, . . . → Read More: Why You Should Make Room for the Weight Room

Kids Tri-ing & National Running Day

UPDATE (6/07/2012 3:33PM): This segment ran on the local news yesterday evening.  You’ll see a little clip with me, but mainly you’ll get to see how cute and amazing all of these kids are!

This past weekend was the Bryant Kids Triathlon and my triathlon club, AIM, had organized a group to serve as . . . → Read More: Kids Tri-ing & National Running Day

“Wanna Go Ride Bikes?”

(From left to right) Me, my cousin Chad, my sister Allison and Michael

I remember when I was little, my best friend was Michael.  We would play together all the time.  In fact, he would call my house so often that my parents actually got rid of our answering machine (remember those?) because every . . . → Read More: “Wanna Go Ride Bikes?”

Advice for a 70.3 Newbie

As I’ve stated before, I’ll be doing my first Half-Ironman this year.  It isn’t until the end of September, but I know that training/preparing for this race is going to be much different than training for a Sprint or Olympic distance tri.  So I tapped my personal experts — my friends.

All of my friends . . . → Read More: Advice for a 70.3 Newbie

Three Bridges Ride

Using my new GoPro camera, I documented the ride Phil and I did on Sunday.  This video condenses our 37 mile bike ride into just a little over 2 minutes.  We rode over three different pedestrian bridges in Little Rock, the Two Rivers Bridge (twice), the Big Dam Bridge and the Clinton Bridge.  Check it . . . → Read More: Three Bridges Ride

Spring Cleaning

This weekend was my first road bike ride of 2012 and it was…well…less than perfect.  Part of it was poor planning on my part and the other was having my bike sit for several months. I’ll spare you (or maybe I’m actually sparing myself) from all the details of the ride, but many of the . . . → Read More: Spring Cleaning

What’s Up Next

You’ve been knocking down my doors, harassing me on facebook and chasing me down the street! You all want to know, what’s next?  Well, since the LIVESTRONG Austin Half Marathon, I’ve been pretty busy, but not with training.  I’ve been working my tail off, battling a sinus infection (by the way, I highly recommend NOT . . . → Read More: What’s Up Next

Half Marathon Training: Week 12

Week 12 (2/6 — 2/12 )

Monday: Back to the normal Monday routine.  Daily mileage: 35 min. cross training + 3 miles Tuesday: Again, we were going to go to the track workout but then Phil had to go to the dealer and then I ended up taking Duncan to the vet (don’t worry, he’s . . . → Read More: Half Marathon Training: Week 12

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