Little Rock Half Marathon 2013

It has been 17 days since the Little Rock Half Marathon and here I have left you hanging.  On top of Phil’s mom being in town for the race, being slammed at work and taking a week off from training, it seems that I have been slacking in the blog posting arena.  Never . . . → Read More: Little Rock Half Marathon 2013

Race Week!

This is just a short little update, but this weekend is the Little Rock Half Marathon.  I’ve been training for this race since a little bit after Thanksgiving, so it has been awhile, but strangely, it doesn’t seem like it should be here already.  I have a very specific goal for this race: run a . . . → Read More: Race Week!

Medi-O-Core Triathlon 2013

I’m just going to start off by saying this, this race is awesome! I had a lot of fun and on top of it all, I also got some pretty sweet swag.  With that being said, I feel like I’m letting the cat out of the bag by writing about this race, but I . . . → Read More: Medi-O-Core Triathlon 2013

River Trail 15K 2013

The River Trail 15K was the first race of the year for me.  At about a month out from the Little Rock Half Marathon, this race was perfect timing to test my pace for the race.  I’m planning on running the half marathon in under 2 hours (a pace of about 9 minute . . . → Read More: River Trail 15K 2013

How Do You Train When the Weather Gets in the Way?

The idea for the post came during the snow-pocalypse that occurred on Christmas day.  Phil and I went on a few walks, but we weren’t getting the miles in that we needed to train for the Little Rock Half Marathon.  We could go to the gym to run on the dreadmill, but the . . . → Read More: How Do You Train When the Weather Gets in the Way?

Dealing with Shin Splints

My sister, Allison, recently began running.  Fitness for her has been a rockier road than mine because at a very young age she was diagnosed with rheumatoid arthritis.  She used to do ballet, swimming and soccer, but it all became too painful and had to stop.  Her journey to wellness was a long and painful . . . → Read More: Dealing with Shin Splints

In Review of 2012

2013 is now upon us. I have been a little delayed in writing this post, but thanks to the massive snowstorm that came through Little Rock on Christmas night, I now have the time needed to thoroughly review my 2012 triathlon season and decide where I’m going in 2013.

I could just give . . . → Read More: In Review of 2012

Raid the Rock 2012

It’s the end of the triathlon season. I had my A race, but by no means does that mean I hung up my running shoes. No, it just means that I get to have fun and cut loose. I can say that one of the best ways to do that is by competing in . . . → Read More: Raid the Rock 2012

Suncoast Triathlon 2012

This year has held a lot of changes for my family.  My sister got married at the beginning of March and then my mom passed away at the beginning of June.  Of course my sisters marriage was a joyous occasion and my mother’s death was devastating.  As a family we decided to hold off on . . . → Read More: Suncoast Triathlon 2012

Big Dam Bridge 100 2012

I’m crazy. Totally and utterly, crazy.  A week out from my first ever 70.3 and I decided to do a 100 bike ride. Totally sane, right?

We’ll it actually wasn’t too bad.  I got a lot of sleep and took in a lot of calories the week after Redman because I knew the Big Dam . . . → Read More: Big Dam Bridge 100 2012

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