XTERRA Gunstock Trails Half Marathon 2013

From left to right: Phil, Carolyne, me, Philip and Erik.

While some races you have planned all year, others just kind of pop up and you have to seize the opportunity, this one definitely fits into the latter category.  The opportunity for me and Phil to go to Hawaii came up in June, but . . . → Read More: XTERRA Gunstock Trails Half Marathon 2013

Capital City Classic 10K 2013

After completing the Little Rock Half Marathon at the beginning of March, I relaxed my running schedule and began incorporating cycling to get ready for the triathlon season which was fast approaching.  Unfortunately that meant that my fitness level wasn’t quite as high as I wish it would be for the Capital City Classic 10K, . . . → Read More: Capital City Classic 10K 2013

Little Rock Half Marathon 2013

It has been 17 days since the Little Rock Half Marathon and here I have left you hanging.  On top of Phil’s mom being in town for the race, being slammed at work and taking a week off from training, it seems that I have been slacking in the blog posting arena.  Never . . . → Read More: Little Rock Half Marathon 2013

Dealing with Shin Splints

My sister, Allison, recently began running.  Fitness for her has been a rockier road than mine because at a very young age she was diagnosed with rheumatoid arthritis.  She used to do ballet, swimming and soccer, but it all became too painful and had to stop.  Her journey to wellness was a long and painful . . . → Read More: Dealing with Shin Splints

Firecracker Fast 5K

This was the first year that Phil and I have spent July 4th in Little Rock and it was kind of a bummer not to go down to the Gulf Coast of Mississippi, like we normally do, but it was also kind of cool because we finally got to participate in the Firecracker Fast 5K.  . . . → Read More: Firecracker Fast 5K

Spa City Trail Run

We were driving down to Hot Springs (approximately an hour South West of Little Rock) and a few rain drops started to hit the windshield.  Were we in for a wet and wild trail run?  Luckily, by the time we reached Cedar Glades Park the rain had stopped and it was a beautiful morning.  Phil . . . → Read More: Spa City Trail Run

What’s Up Next

You’ve been knocking down my doors, harassing me on facebook and chasing me down the street! You all want to know, what’s next?  Well, since the LIVESTRONG Austin Half Marathon, I’ve been pretty busy, but not with training.  I’ve been working my tail off, battling a sinus infection (by the way, I highly recommend NOT . . . → Read More: What’s Up Next

Half Marathon Training: Week 7

Week 7 (1/2 — 1/8)

Monday: No normal Monday routine here because, 1. We just got back from our vacation in the afternoon and 2. the YMCA is closed! But more on that later. Daily Mileage: 0 Tuesday: This was me and Phil’s first day back to work after our vacation and it was also . . . → Read More: Half Marathon Training: Week 7

Half Marathon Training: Weeks 5 & 6

Week 5 (12/19 — 12/25)

Monday: Got into our normal Monday routine.  Daily Mileage: 45 min. cross training + 3 miles Tuesday: Well…we were planning on going to the LRRC track workout, but my check engine light in my car came on the day before so I ended up taking my car to the shop.  . . . → Read More: Half Marathon Training: Weeks 5 & 6

Go!bbler Turkey Trot

I know that I’ve talked about Go! Running previously before in many of my blogs, but they started a new tradition this year.  For the first time ever they hosted the Go!bbler Turkey Trot!  This is purely a fun run and all you have to do to enter is bring a can of food on . . . → Read More: Go!bbler Turkey Trot

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