Rev 3 Cedar Point 70.3 2013

Transition area for the Rev3 Cedar Point Triathlon in the shadow of the GateKeeper.

This race has been on my radar for awhile.  I initially wanted to do it last year as my first half ironman, but it just didn’t work out, which is fine because I had a great time at . . . → Read More: Rev 3 Cedar Point 70.3 2013

2013 River Cities Triathlon

It’s been awhile since I’ve written and I promise that I have been training, but I’ve also been very busy with some of my other activities too.  Although I haven’t been racing very much, I had the River Cities Triathlon on my schedule for awhile.  My friend, Susan, has been doing this race for 10 . . . → Read More: 2013 River Cities Triathlon

Gearing Up

Tuesday night was the second AIM meeting of the year and the big question everyone was asking each other was, “What races are you doing this year?” With the insanely unpredictable weather we’ve been having, many of the triathletes have been chomping at the bit to get outside, start training and start racing.  Me on . . . → Read More: Gearing Up

In Review of 2012

2013 is now upon us. I have been a little delayed in writing this post, but thanks to the massive snowstorm that came through Little Rock on Christmas night, I now have the time needed to thoroughly review my 2012 triathlon season and decide where I’m going in 2013.

I could just give . . . → Read More: In Review of 2012

Toad Suck Olympic Triathlon 2012

I have been training, training and training.  So you can imagine my excitement when it finally came to race the Toad Suck Olympic Triathlon this past Sunday.  I signed up for the race to gauge my fitness before Redman and hopefully build confidence.  I wasn’t really sure how I would finish because I have just . . . → Read More: Toad Suck Olympic Triathlon 2012

Kids Tri-ing & National Running Day

UPDATE (6/07/2012 3:33PM): This segment ran on the local news yesterday evening.  You’ll see a little clip with me, but mainly you’ll get to see how cute and amazing all of these kids are!

This past weekend was the Bryant Kids Triathlon and my triathlon club, AIM, had organized a group to serve as . . . → Read More: Kids Tri-ing & National Running Day

Memphis in May Triathlon 2012

This was my second year competing in Memphis in May and it was a “must do” on my event schedule.  Although it rained like cats and dogs (oh yeah, and lightning) last year, I had a great race at MiM and it was a superbly run race.  The biggest issue I had last year was . . . → Read More: Memphis in May Triathlon 2012

What did I learn in 2011?

I know it’s not the end of the year just yet but it is the end of the season.  Recently I came across an article from one of my favorite sources,, about How You Can Learn from Your Triathlon Season and I thought it would make for a great post.  The author suggests that . . . → Read More: What did I learn in 2011?

Tri the Lake Heber Springs 2011

The weather has been cooling, the leaves beginning to change, many people had completed their A priority race of the year and now, it was time for my last tri of the 2011 season — the Heber Springs Sprint Triathlon.  I completed in this tri last year (read about it here) for the first time . . . → Read More: Tri the Lake Heber Springs 2011

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